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Courier Service Agreement

Please review the VTLIB Courier Service Agreement and print a copy for your records. Then, completely fill out the form below to serve as your agreement to this service. You only need to fill out the form once. When you submit the form, you should receive a confirmation notification on your screen. If you have any questions whether the form was filled out completely or received, contact April Shaw (

This is your Agreement and Contract for membership in VTLIB Interlibrary Loan Courier System from April 1, 2024 through September 30, 2026. This agreement defines the responsibilities of delivery member libraries and should be reviewed carefully.

Being a delivery system member is a privilege, not a right, and requires adhering to the parameters outlined below. Libraries found in violation of this agreement risk loss of access to this service.


Funds and Fees:

Delivery is $26.30 for each stop. Each stop includes one tote of up to fifty pounds delivered and one tote of up to fifty pounds picked up. Each additional fifty pounds of materials are $2.16 per additional fifty pounds (no matter how many bins it is divided amongst).


Libraries that participate in delivery system agree to the following:

1. Participate in any meetings in person or electronically if system issues arise. Meetings will be warned 2 weeks in advance to allow time to adjust schedules.

2. Recognizing that delivery resources cannot substitute for the building of strong local collections; libraries will maintain a commitment to local collection development as evidenced by maintenance of the library’s acquisitions budget at or above the most recent three-year acquisition budget average.

3. Subscribe relevant staff to the delivery system mailing group to stay updated on and share delivery system information to benefit all participating libraries.

4. Maintain timely and proactive communication between the member library, VTLIB, and Priority Express as required for the speedy resolution of problems.

5. Have a valid billing email on file with Priority Express to receive invoices. Invoices will be sent monthly by email and must be paid within 30 days – no exceptions. Late payments may result in late fees.

6. Report any issues with deliveries via the Report an Issue form:

7. Follow the Vermont Interlibrary Loan Code.

8. Keep at least 1 weekly stop throughout the agreement period.

9. Members are discouraged from contacting Priority Express or VTLIB because their driver is late. Individual routes may be impacted by weather, road conditions, delivery volume or vehicle trouble.

10. All libraries participating in the delivery service must submit monthly reports specified by VTLIB. The statistics required include reporting of incoming and outgoing interlibrary loans through the delivery service and postal service, and any additional bins used by the library. Partner libraries should be reporting their statistics separately from their host libraries. Host libraries should be reporting any extra bins used. You can find the statistics reporting form here.

11. Establish an internal site/place for deliveries and pickups.

12. Contact Priority Express directly to cancel or reschedule any stops due to closures or weather at or (802) 862-2828, option 1.

13. There will be no delivery on federal holidays - libraries with stops scheduled on these holidays may contact Priority Express in advance via phone or email to try to re-schedule a delivery.

14. All items placed in the Delivery System must be contained in zipper bags (unless the item is oversize) and accurately addressed with labels that can be printed from the VTLIB website and packed in approved tote bins for pickup and delivery. Note: Partner library bags should always have their own label, please do not combine packing for different libraries even if they are going to the same stop.

15. You must alert VTLIB to any changes in your ongoing delivery schedule that has been established with Priority Express.

16. Any library that chooses to discontinue delivery service must return any totes and zipper bags that were provided by VTLIB, and follow parameters defined by VTLIB.

17. Libraries must include the logos for VTLIB and IMLS on any PR or informational resources related to the courier service. Logos must conform to the regulations provided to the library by the associated organizations.

18. Libraries will actively promote ILL service to patrons, according to their local rules.

19. Libraries will use any promotional materials and tools provided by VTLIB, including posters and press releases.

20. Libraries will not solicit fees or donations of any kind for ILL service from individual ILL patrons, including ILL service by courier, U.S. mail, or other delivery means. Libraries can have fundraisers with money raised being put towards postage or courier costs.

21. Libraries must continue to fill ILL requests from non-courier service libraries.

22. Libraries on the courier service must have the Preferred Lender List in their Clover Participant Record set up with courier library codes.

23. Vermont Department of Libraries and Priority Express will not be responsible for individual items damaged in transit per interlibrary loan rules stated in the Vermont Interlibrary Loan Code.


To confirm your participation status for the VTLIB Interlibrary Loan Courier Service, as well as your acceptance of these conditions, please sign the contract electronically below.


If you would like to download a PDF copy of this agreement for your records, please click here.

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